First, let me tell you who I am. Iam a child of the 60's, ironically, now in my seventies along with several other old people from my generation such as Mick Jagger and everybody else born in 1949 and earlier. I have a camera(s), I shoot photos. I hope they are good photos. I try to sell these hopefully good photos.

Ah, the years have gone by. But I can still aim my camera at that that pleases me. Which actually is still a lot.

Soon I will have up my Vietnam War Honor Series for the boys who served. Stay tuned.

The latest files are printed from either  Raw files on a digital camera or the older files are made  from my original film negatives which have been scanned by a high quality scanner then burned to a disk, and printed at a digital lab on regular photographic RC paper. I sign the photos on the bottom or make a notation on the back.  You can view prints of the photos in the New London, CT. vicinity.

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