This is a humble page of beauty.  These images are not the majestic vistas of Ansel Adams, nor the erotic toilet bowls and cabbages of Edward Weston, nor Irving Penn's powerful closeup of the debris of civilization.

These are the common city dweller's reaction to the variety of shapes, forms, and interactions that he passes by each day.  As in--hmmm, that fire hydrant, building, window...etc. in conjunction with all that's around it, is more pleasing to my eye than the almost identical landscape across the street.  I wonder why?  This is city beauty where NO BEAUTY WAS INTENDED.  It is a moment's light pleasure.  It is the force generated between objects that are not usually interesting by themselves.

I am an urban human being.  Even the natural that I deal with is small; a tree, grass, flowers; no tourist would come to see it.  And maybe no tourist of the mind does see what there is to see right in front of them.  

1.  Coned Roof--San Francisco/ early 70's.  There it sits like a party hat on a drunk.

2.  Guardian Sea Horse.  Always have one nearby.  They neither eat nor bark.

3.  A fence leaning over creates the deep blacks of a fence on a beach.  Here the beach is a parking lot.  Look at the good side, you won't get sand in your shoes.

4.  Peace and quiet.  The trees have space.  The park benches are placed so that if two people sat down at different benches, they couldn't comfortably speak to each other.  I like that.

5.  To some, a loaf of bread, a jug of wine...to me, a patterned roof, an angled companion building--you get the point.

6.  Signs leaning forward in intimate conversation; is it a deep secret or just gossip being shared?

7.  Long branches reaching out across the road looking like the shadows can entangle you.

8.  California Poppies in Field.