1. Muhammad Ali arrives at the weighin for his heavyweight championship fight again Ken Norton at Yankee Stadium, New York on Sept. 28, 1976.  Tight shot taken in crowded circumstances.

 2. I am the Greatest!


 3. i got the most to say.

4. You talking to me!


 5.  May I quietly repeat myself: I AM THE GREATEST!


6.  I am in shape!


 7.  Pay Attention:  I am speaking!

 8.  No fat on me!


 9.  Now I'll speak with my fists!


10.  Norton enters.  He's no slouch himself.

11.  Ahem, I do believe this gentleman has performed adequate calisthenics for this boxing match.

12.Ali and Norton meet center ring.  Great crowd shot and very sharp.

                                                                                    BOBBY CHACON

     I covered two fights of Bobby Chacon.  One was against Modesto Concepcion on Feb. 17, 1976 in San Jose.  (Chacon won by 10th round TKO.)  The other was against a very badly overmatched Bonnie (Kid) Necessario in Stockton on Nov. 10, 1976.  (Chacon won by 2nd round TKO.)  Seeing a world class fighter up close is a great experience for a fight fan.  Chacon had speed, power, and excellent defensive skills.  

     Photos 1-6 are of the Concepcion fight.  The other four are from the Necessario fight. 


2.  Duck underneath.

3.  Hard to find.  Classic boxing at work.

4. Out of reach.

5.  Right hand ready for action.

6.  Body jabs don't do anybody any good.

7.  It slips through but doesn't connect.

8.  Cornered and nowhere to go.

9.  Search and destroy.

10.  Anybody know the now middle aged people in this photo?   It was taken after the Necessario fight.

                                                   GEORGE FOREMAN                                                                                   

1.  Foreman being interviewed at MarineWorld before    2.  He loved tigers.

 his fight with Muhammad Ali.

                                                                                  ALEXIS ARGUELLO

1.  Here, Arguello takes on an outclassed Rosalio Muro

on July 18,1975 at the Cow Palace in Daly City, CA.

Arguello scored a first round KO.

2. Both men throwing.

3.  Muro tried to overwhelm Arguello, opening up with heavy punches.  It didn't work.

4. Arguello pummels Muro on ropes.

5.  A long left straightens him up.

6.   Muro never quit trying.

7.  Ref has seen enough.  Boxing is a sport, not a

place of religious sacrifice.


                                                              JIMMY YOUNG VS. RON LYLE

Both of these men came near the top of the heavyweight division during a very competitive time in 1970's boxing.  Young lost close decisions to both Ali and Norton.  Lyle had Foreman down and almost out but couldn't finish the job

1.  Shall we dance?  Young constantly outmaneuvered Lyle.

2.  Trying to find that opening.

3.  Lyle is out speeded and out of position to punch.

4.  Finally a chance for Lyle to unload.  Yet for his heavy hands he never hurt Young once.

5.  Back to manuevering.

6.  Pressing in but hard to open up.


7.  The big puncher gets tired and it's Young backing

Lyle up.