I confess, i've always liked cats.  It's a disease, i know, but I'm stuck.  i have a variety of photos of the creatures.  i thought also I would share my philosophy of photographing them and why I have the gall to publish them and try to sell them.




1.  This is what I would like to refer to as an "essence" photo.  Essences are not necessarily "cute" as in most kitten photos.

Is this a cute kitten?--you can't tell.  It's too far away.

is this a beautiful kitten?--you can't tell.

But--the kitten is small--that is an essence of all kittens, for even a full grown cat is small.

The kitten is up high--that is an essence.

It's perched at the very tip of something it had to climb up on--claw after claw--that is an essence.

And, of course, for all cats--the essential essence--it naps curled up, vulnerable, yet even when asleep the center of attention.

And now, alas, I shall shut up.

2.  Angry Siamese (My Beloved Abraham).  This should be very easy to remember.  CATS ARE SMARTER THAN YOU!  Much smarter.  Pay attention when they yell at you and get off your duff, open the window, and let them back in.


3.  Cat coming home after a night out like a teenager trying to

sneak back in the house.  (Those are paint drops on the stairs,

not negative dust spots.)

4. I look out my window and what do I see?

Something is looking back at me.


5.  People who are not cat lovers always ask me,

What exactly are cats good for?'  And I always answer,

"Guarding private property."

6.  Cat has just been in fight and is not in a good mood.


7.  A world peace photo.  Sunlight, quiet, a curtained window,

ah, why can't we all get along?

8.  Cats in Row.  If I am ever elected The Grand Poobah of the world, I shall order all my subjects, in the name of good sense, to nap in the afternoon on a soft bed with a streak of sunlight to bathe all.  World Peace would therefore be ensured.