The street photographer as artiste.  What a concept!

I see it as the art of the world that is in constant motion.  Unposed, unexpected, unable to duplicate because a second later the scene as painted by life is gone.  It's humbling.  We're all ping pong balls full of ego bouncing against each other, involved with each other, but propelled by forces greater than ourselves.  And so I like it.  Humbling is good.  Now for the photographs.  They are $25 for each 8x10 plus shipping via UPS.  Let me know how many and I will give you a rate.


1.  Woman in Bus Window.  Hey, we're all alone, making our way, fighting the inevitable.  And sometimes we actually show it.

2.  Nixon resigns on August 9, 1974.  I like placing this photo next to the photo on the left.  He's behind glass like her.  He's miserable like her.  His eyes hurt like hers.  And I like the unplanned coincidence that in the background I happened to have curtains up that showed elephants (the Republican symbol) heading down--just like him.

 3.  A cocky young man and an indifferent old lady/both sides of attitude in conjunction to one another.


4.  The sleeping artist seems to be dreaming the paintings over his head.


5.  Good friend in new glasses.  First of a whimsical trilogy.


6.  Butcher in glasses.


7.  Dentist in glasses.  Did all three shop at the same store?

8.  The hard working photographer trying to make it all fit in.  Boston.


9.  A busy scene and a dog in a window taking it all in.

10.  Proof that capitalism and free enterprise will always persist.


11.  Legs in a doorway.  When they start to move, where will they go?

12.  The guy had been a boxer.  Now he poses with a beercan in his hand.


13.  His bag is from a Tall Man shop.  I cut his head off to show he is too big for this average guy's frame.

14.  Twins.  I used to see them around San Francisco.  Looks like they are heading for the bank. 

15.  Big window, little man.  We're all small in the world.  Yessiree!